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New Years Party + The Last Word Cocktail


2018 New Year's Party + The Last Word // A spirit-forward cocktail with gin, green chartreuse, maraschino liqueur and lime juice // The Shared Sip

In early December I got a note from Rezel Kealoha, a blogger based in the East Bay, wondering if I would pop by a New Years get together she was hosting with floral designer April Baytan (her work is INSANE—check it out stat!). My answer—a resounding yes!—was a no-brainer. I loved Rezel’s beautiful posts around feel-good food, gorgeous tablescapes and events that fill you with joy. I was IN.

The afternoon was filled with pre-Christmas merriment, tasty vegan treats (so delicious, and this coming from my meat-and-daily-loving self!), and wonderful company. The sparkling wine from OneHope flowed freely and I left feeling both inspired and full of gratitude for the presence of amazing women serendipitously flowing into my life. I’m already counting down until our springtime soiree.

I thought this was the perfect time to snap one of my favorite cocktails—a classic that is just as delicious in the dead of winter as it is during the peak of summer. It’s a classic that I believe should be in every home bartender’s arsenal, but one that I know is sadly neglected.

The ingredients used in the Last Word—a standard dry gin (I used Tanqueray), green chartreuse (a staple in so many great drinks, and definitely worth the investment), and maraschino liqueur will start to pop up in the cocktail recipes you notice at bars, in magazines, online—start to pay a little closer attention and you’ll see. Not convinced to take the monetary plunge? Order a Last Word the next time you’re out at a bar that has a full liquor selection and let the drink speak for itself. This cocktail is right up there with the old fashioned as far as my go-tos. I think it might soon be on yours, too.

P.S. Once you’ve mastered the classic Last Word, check out this amazing social media series around variations of the drink: peruse via the hashtag #wehavethelastword or the account @wehavethelastword. So much inspiration!

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The Last Word
makes 2 cocktails

Combine all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Shake until very cold, about 20 seconds. Double strain into a coupe. Garnish with a maraschino cherry, preferably Luxardo!

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