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The Bloody Valentine


Bloody Valentine Mezcal Cocktail

Valentine’s Day is, in a word, fake. So fake! What is even the significance of having a dozen red roses show up at your desk or going out to dinner with every other schmuck in town on a predetermined day? Thanks, but no thanks. I’m happy to share takeout pizza and a Netflix marathon with my significant other, which, it turns out, you don’t need to make reservations for three months in advance. Valentine’s Day is just like New Year’s Eve: amateur hour.

Things I do love about Valentine’s Day: crafts, chocolate and cocktails. But, really, I like those things every day of the year. I made a DIY version of these adorable cards for my friends, ate plenty of red velvet Oreos, and am going to throw back several cocktails over the weekend. Join me, will ya?

Blood Orange Mezcal Cocktail

I am love-love-loving this drink. It may be my new go-to, which, in recent months, has been reserved for the Ninth Ward, which is fantastic. This cocktail includes smoky mezcal and the bitterness of Campari. I adapted it from the cocktail menu at The Star, the best pizza place in our neighborhood (even superior to the cult favorite Boot & Shoe Service, if you ask me). Their version is called Su Casa and includes grapefruit juice and Aperol, while I subbed in blood orange juice and the Campari.

Blood Orange Mezcal Cocktail

Despite my Valentine’s rant, I hope all you romantics out there have a lovely evening with the one you love. Even a cynic like me can get on board with that sentiment.


The Bloody Valentine
makes 2 cocktails

  • 3 oz mezcal (non-mezcal lovers, tequila would be a great substitution)
  • 1 oz Campari
  • 3 oz fresh blood orange juice
  • 1.5 oz lime juice
  • 1 oz agave
  • 4 dashes orange bitters

Add ice and all ingredients to a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously until cold. Strain and serve up with a blood orange twist. Cheers!

Blood Orange Mezcal Cocktail____________________

Barware notes: The glasses were a major find at World Market over the holidays, at just $4 a pop. It was a seasonal item and they sold out by the time I went back for more. I snagged the yellow juicer at Bambino Thrift Shop in Rockridge. The arrow cocktail picks are from Umami Mart in Old Oakland – which is perhaps the coolest cocktail shop around. I may as well just start signing my paychecks over directly to them.

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