Aperol / Vodka

A Spooky Spritz!


Spooky_Spritz_aperolIf ever there was a holiday for a themed cocktail, Halloween is it. Though this drink is pretty tame, next year I’m totally going to up my beverage game with something really creepy, involving fake blood or eyeballs or both. Only 365 days to go. Can’t. Wait.

I was inspired to create this number when I spotted the Aperol tucked away in the back of my liquor cabinet, looking sad and neglected. I bought the bottle after my trip to Italy this summer with my sisters, where Aperol is the star in the Italian cocktail staple called the spritz. A spritz traditionally has a white wine or Prosecco base, along with a bitter liqueur (like Aperol or Campari) and topped off with soda water. The sweetness of the sparkling wine perfectly compliments the Aperol, and makes for a super-refreshing sip.

In this version, I used a vodka base rather than wine or Prosecco, and topped the Aperol with ginger beer for that added sweetness. The bright orange appearance of the cocktail screams Halloween—but honestly, this drink is a winner any time of year. I hope you’ll give it try tonight or in July when you can’t possibly consume yet another mojito.

Though Kyle and I won’t be dressing up this year (are we really at the stage in life when watching a scary movie in our PJs is more appealing than partying in costume?! Sigh), I do hope we get a few trick-or-treaters. I stocked up on Butterfingers and Cookies n’ Cream Hershey bars, but I think I might run out and grab some Reese’s too. Ya know, just in case. Ahem.

Have a safe and sip-worthy evening!


Spooky Spritz
makes 1 cocktail (build each cocktail individually)

  • 1.5 oz vodka
  • 1 oz Aperol
  • 3 oz ginger beer
  • 3 oz soda water
  • ice
  • highball glass

Fill a highball glass with ice. Stack ingredients over ice, then give a quick stir.

Bareware note: The highball glasses were found at a thrift shop down the street from me—I love the heavy base of them. The ice was made in a Tovolo King Ice Cube tray—these cubes make any drink look cooler. I scored the paper straws in the dollar bin at Target. I think I spend a liiiittle too much time there.


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