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Slushy Spritz with Campari Rosé Ice Cubes


Campari Rose Spritz Cubes // Ice cubes made with Campari and rosé wine - just add sparkling water and you have an instant spritz!

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and while I won’t blabber on and on about the holiday (I did that already), I will give you an easy and fun drink idea for any celebrations you might have planned. Make this spritz for a Galentine’s brunch, date night with your S.O., or um, better yet, for you to enjoy alone doing whatever the hell you want to do! #dreamz

Campari Rosé Ice Cubes

Fill half of an ice cube tray with equal parts Campari and water—this will help this layer freeze. Put in the freezer for at least 12 hours. Fill the tray with equal parts rosé wine and water—again, the water is needed to help the wine freeze more sturdily. Freeze another 12 hours or overnight.

Note that the cubes will be a little slushy—and that’s OK. It makes for a bit of a slushy drink, which is perfect for a warm day (or any day, let’s be honest!)

To make a spritz, simply top the ice cubes with sparkling water, sparkling wine, or even more rosé!

Want more Valentine’s inspiration?! I gotchu:

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